Sale of dogs in City

Inhabitants of City love dogs very much. So it has developed that every Cityer has at least one dog. Maybe even two. There are some ways to buy a dog in City. Usually customers get puppies in City turning to competent breeders or pet shops. According to the law pet shops owners should castrate and chip animals before selling.


Also, there are some websites where it’s possible to buy a dog. To buy a dog in City city, it’s necessary to issue the online-request. A customer should choose a breed of dog and to specify his or her age. The polite seller of dogs will call and will discuss nuances of the order. After that a fast courier will deliver a dog to the specified address on time.

So, if you want to have a dog, you should remember about the special features of every breed and dogs’ behavior. Then you’ll make a right choice and find the best friend and guardian for all the family!

Today many people keep dogs not only for pleasure but also for getting money. And often this business makes quite good profit. A lot of customers want to buy a good healthy dog at a low price. So they can do that turning to the dog breeders. Usually the last ones look after their pets and try to create good conditions for them. But unfortunately not all the breeders are conscientious. Their dogs can be ill, dirty or hungry. That’s why many customers prefer to buy dogs in the pet shops. But there is one big nuance. And that’s a high price. So, when the customers have the certain sum of money and ready to buy a dog, they should choose a breed of dog.


The breeds and their special features

Every breed of dog has its own special features which a man saves by means of breeding. This is similarity of the exterior and behavior between brothers. A dog of the certain breed procreates offspring who get all its characteristics.

Today there are about 400 breeds of dog in the world. Some of them are very rare having not so many animal units and known in the certain countries, and other breeds are very famous and can be met all over the world. For example, German shepherd is spread all over the world and the number of animal units is about hundreds of thousands.

To choose a good dog it’s necessary to know what breeds are for having in a flat and what ones for having in a house.

Dogs living in a flat


Owners of big country houses can afford to have almost every kind of pet. But for a city dweller living in a small flat it’s difficult to have a pet especially a dog. Nevertheless a lot of people including metropolitans want to have pets. Fortunately there are some dogs who feel themselves comfortable living in a flat. The following beers of dog are suitable for keeping in the apartment: Basset Hound, Beagle, Bulldog, French bulldog, Piccolo Levriero Italiano, Yorkshire terrier, Miniature Pinscher, Maltese, Pug,    Papillon dog, Peking Palasthund, Pommeranter Spitz, Miniature Poodle, Dachshund and Chihuahua.

Dogs living in a house

In spite of a wide range of the modern safeguarding systems choice, many detached house owners as before want to have a well-trained dog as a guard.

What characteristics should have an animal the main mission of which is the property guarding? The pet should be big with thick hair because it will be outdoors. In addition, “the home guardian” shouldn’t be trustful for unknown people. A dog should be kind just for the members of its family.

The following beers of dog are suitable for the house protection: Central Asian Shepherd, American Staffordshire Terrier, Bullmastiff, American Bulldog, Dobermann, Mastiff, German shepherd and Rottweiler.